Hey Love!

So I decided to do an update video on everything that has been going on. I have been gone for about three weeks traveling non stop! I was in Tennessee for a week during Bonnaroo then we decided to go to Alabama for Bamajam.Then as soon as we came home from the 17 hour drive I did about 25 order, and hopped into the car to go to Wildwood,NJ for a week. I just got home and all I have been doing is work. I wouldn’t ask for anything else, I feel so blessed and happy that I am able to travel doing something that I love and making money at it.

So this week I am heading to New York for 3 days for a Seventeen Magazine photoshoot. Pretty stoked for this! This is my second shoot with them and it is always a blast. I will be sure to update you all throughout the couple days.

This video is an update on what has been going on and my dip dye hair that I have been getting a TON of questions on!!

Check it out!


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