What a better accessory for your fall fashion then some feather hair clips/earrings. NO I am not talking about the over populated, over used, non fashionable feather hair extensions.

Get some feather hair clips and single earrings to match up any outfit. I love my neutral colors, so I always pair my outfits with a bold earring, or hair clip. If I am feeling a messy bun with a scarf I will throw in a neutral earring to play down the look.

These are great accessories for the fall time, get some now at www.bysamiiryan.com

We have an awesome Labor Day Special going on right now. Spend $40 get $5 off your order by using the code: UNCLESAM1 . If you spend $80+ you get $10 off your order by using the code: UNCLESAM2 .

Be sure to shop today because this deal ends Sept 6 at 12am



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  • Posted: 05 September 2011